BKAV releases free tool to check WannaCry Ransomware


Bkav Corporation, the largest internet security firm in Vietnam, yesterday gratis issued a device named Wanna Crypt0r to check WannaCry ransomware – which has been wreaking havoc across the world.

bkav wannacry check tool

Bkav’s free tool helps users scan whether a computer is infected with WannaCry. More importantly, this tool can check and alert if the computer contains the EternalBlue flaw – the vulnerability that WannaCry is exploiting to infiltrate the computer.

Users can download the tool from Bkav.com.vn/Tool/CheckWanCry.exe . The tool does not require installation, which can always be launched for scanning. Users of Bkav Pro or Bkav Endpoint will not need to run the tool because they have automatic protection.

Earlier, WannaCry blackmail malicious code in just a few hours infected more than 100,000 computers in the world. Recognized initially from the Bkav virus monitoring system on 13/5, there have been cases of this infection in Vietnam. The number of infections is expected to increase sharply in the beginning of next week, with large numbers of computers switched on when people return to work.

WannaCry is capable of scanning all computers on the same network for search and direct access to machines containing EternalBlue vulnerabilities without the user having to directly manipulate attachments or malicious links. So, just one computer in a company / organization infected with malicious code, all the other computers in the network will be vulnerable to malicious code attack, encrypt the data.

According to Bkav experts, WannaCry can be classified as the highest risk because of both rapid spread and severe destruction. The infection type of malicious code is not new, but shows that the trend to take advantage of new vulnerabilities to attack, make money will also be used by hackers in the coming time, especially the vulnerabilities of the operating system.

After scanning with a tool, if you detect a vulnerable computer, you need to copy all the important data on the machine, update the patch for the operating system by going to Windows Update → Check for updates to check the The latest patch.

To prevent the risk of malicious infections, experts recommend that users open text files received from the Internet in a Safe Run quarantine environment and install regular antivirus software on the computer for automatic protection.

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