How to get free Windscribe VPN 50GB Bandwidth per month


By Following the steps below you’ll be able to get free Windscribe VPN 50GB Bandwidth per month, Of course there is a free version on this website but as you could see its says 10GB Bandwitdth but I am going to guide you how to get 40gb extra on top so in total thats 50GB bandwitdth.

WindScribe VPN Free 50GB voucher code

About WindScribe VPN

Windscribe is a desktop application and browser extension that work together to block ads, trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online. WindScribe VPN offers privacy and protection together. Here are some of the essential features of WindScribe VPN:

Stop Tracking & Browse Privately: Did you know that on every website you visit, there are website trackers installed which collect your Internet footprints to create your online profile. These profile store your browsing habits and they are sold to advertising companies which, in turn, displays relevant advertisements to you based on your interest in browsing. Windscribe VPN will prevent Website Trackers to track you.

Often our Government blocks different websites including torrent sites and illegal sites. With VPN enabled, you can visit any site anytime. It unlocks the internet for you.

Unblock Geo Restricted Content: There are a lot of USA streaming websites whose services are restricted to that particular location only. WindScribe VPN will change your IP and can fake location to any place of your choice. By this way, it can unblock Geo Restricted Content.

It can also bypass restricted networks like your college or office wifi network and let you browse any website you want.

Prevents DNS Leaks: DNS leak can lead to anyone knowing your entire browsing history. Windscribe will protect you from DNS Leaks and will force shut the connection if it leaks. (of course, with your permission beforehand)

Protect your Information: If you connect to a public Wifi Network and do transactions online, hackers can easily sniff your information. Windscribe will encrypt your Wifi Connection so that nobody can trace your data.

How to get Free Windscribe VPN 50GB Bandwidth

1. Visit the main website of the service here: Windscribe – Free VPN and Ad Block. Click on the “sign up” link in the top right corner of the page.

2. Select the “use for free” option on the next page. Fill out your desired username, password, email address. Click on “have a voucher” on the sign up page and add the voucher 50GBFREEFinsh press “Create Free account” button.

WindScribe VPN Free 50GB voucher code

3. You shall see a popup that you need to confirm your email before your voucher is activated. So, check your mailbox (and spam folder, too) and verify your email address.

4. You can also see your used bandwidth for this month, and your bandwidth reset date over there. If you don’t see have 50GB bandwidth, cick “Clam Voucher” and fill the voucher 50GBFREE again.

WindScribe VPN Free 50GB voucher code

5. Finally, it’s time to get started with WindScribe VPN Free 50GB bandwidth. WindScribe VPN is available both as a Windows Software as well as a Chrome Extension.

At this moment, Android App for its Free Account is not available yet. Only Paid accounts can use their Android application version.

Download Windcribe VPN here, Install and sign in with your account.


Do not create addditional fake accounts, your account may get banned, use one account peacefully. Please!

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