How to Make Money with PTP Skillerz (Proof)


PTP Skillerz  is best my chose to make money with PTP, becasue High rate, Paymen past and appcept Jingling, If you Find PTP site, you can try it.

This is my payment proof from PTP Skillerz

Register here

1. Paying through paypal & Bitcoin, Min pay $1 (0.01 fee Paypal or 5%fee bitcoin) .
2. Payments every Sunday.
3. Accepting jingling (see settings under post) and traffic exchanges.

Points System :

TIER1 = 0.80 (Western Traffic)
TIER2 = 0.65
TIER3 = 0.55
TIER4 = 0.01
Minimum points to exchange 25, 1000 points equals $0.25 when converted.
Terms of Service
Do not iframe your promotion page into a blog
Do not shortern your promotion page with link shorterns
Do not put your page promotion with other ptp’s
Do not try to cheat / divert the point system
No multi-account

How to setting jingling for make money with PTP skillerz

That done! And good luck for you
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